It’s a good thing we don’t get paid for this because Todd Christopher’s new book, “The Green Hour: A Daily Dose of Nature for Happier, Healthier, Smarter Kids,” (coming to stores March 16th) would have just put us out of a job. 

This book has it all.

 The important research:

-It is written to inform and encourage, not to overwhelm or to preach. Several key points include childhood obesity rates, a loss green space, the decline in natural free play, and the worry of evolving thumbs(…not really, that’s just my theory, sorry).

A helpful guide to making it happen:

The Green Hour leads the parent through a series of explanations of why we aren’t getting out together as often, such as time constraints and fears.

To ease those fears, Mr. Christopher suggests that parents get involved themselves, and then find ways to get the kids interested.  The chapter also reminds the reader about David Sobel’s lovely quote about letting kids “love the earth, before they try to save it.” A very important part of the book is dedicated to getting prepared before beginning the outward bound adventure.  Mr. Christopher has made the planning easy, and as we have learned by hosting a nature club for two years now, a prepared parent is a happy parent.  A happy parent is bound to remember and repeat the experience.


Many, many excellent suggestions for parents.

-The Green Hour offers book suggestions to read and connect together during, before and after nature excursions.  The book is filled with friendly tips, a “Did You Know” section to expand the learning element and website listings to connect the outdoor experience to the indoor moments. 

This resource has become a constant resource, right beside my yellow legal pad - where I keep my KIVA ideas.  And the truth be told, hosting a nature club for families is one thing, but getting out together just as a family still seems to be a challenge.  Mr. Christopher wants to help remove those barriers that keep us from growing together as families and as co-inhabitants with the natural world around us.

The Green Hour has helped us enjoy more pleasant adventures and has helped us further improve our monthly adventures with KIVA. 

With simple activities involving birding, moon watching, hiking, outdoor games, seed collections, and the wonder of bugs, birds and butterflies, The Green Hour makes it all seem so easy, you won’t need a nature leader or a group to make your family’s “green hour” happen.  Parents will want to be out there themselves and they’ll be thrilled to bring the children along. 

But don’t worry, reading the book has us revitalized in our plans for hosting KIVA, so we’ll still be out there, of course, Adventuring!


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